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That in black ink my love may still shine bright...

Born out of his training in Linklater Voice Work and fed by in the room experience with some of Seattle's best classically trained actors and directors, Wiley Basho Gorn brings his own unique way of working on Shakespeare's text. An exciting blend of practiced craft and improvisation. This class series will establish a basic framework for understanding and speaking heightened language, providing tools to help each participant personalize the words and images for themselves. This work is a marriage of the head and the heart, of inner and outer expression, of our modern natural way of speaking and Shakespeare's vivid imagery. 

Why the sonnets?

Each sonnet is it's own 14 line play with an arc, conflict, and resolution. When approaching a piece of heightened text I always seek to personalize it so that my discovery can begin from an authentic place. When you speak a sonnet you are simply yourself, the thoughts and feelings are your own. This is harder than it might seem, but it invites a kind of self reflection and powerful articulation that we don't often give ourselves the space for. Our work will begin with ensemble explorations of one sonnet so that we can establish a shared language. From there each participant will pick a sonnet that personally resonates with them and we will continue our individual explorations in a group setting. 

- Location -
The lowdown ballroom

628 11th Ave E Seattle WA 98102

Price: $175

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